Loadset Mini Lever Hoist – 250kg

Strong and powerful yet compact and lightweight lever hoist capable of lifting, pulling or lowering up to 250kg. Small enough to fit in your toolbox.


High tensile AS thimbles are recommended for heavy duty applications

NGK Wire Grips

HESWA stocks a wide range of NGK Wire Grips – from the 1 tonne L-Grip which can be used for bare copper cable, covered conductor and messenger wire – to the ABC Grip which is used for aerial bundled cable – to the 4 tonne Grip which can handle cables measuring up to 28mm in diameter. All of the models are rated for a variety of wire sizes and types – that means fewer grips are needed.

Crosby Wire Rope Grips

Each base has a Product Identification Code (PIC) for material traceability, the name CROSBY or CG, and a size forged into it. Based on the catalog breaking strength of wire rope, Crosby wire rope clips have an efficiency rating of 80% for 3-4mm to 22mm sizes, and 90% for sizes 24-26mm through 90mm.