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Universal Superclamp

designed for side load applications and vertical use, making it versatile for lifting, pulling, or serving as an anchor point. It can be loaded at any angle, eliminating the need for spreader beams, and features a low headroom anchor point for single or twin point lifting, offering a positive grip, quick application, and lightweight construction.

  • The universal SUPERCLAMP has been designed not only for vertical use, but also for side load applications, where conventional clamps are not suitable.
  • The clamp is truly versatile in application and can be used for lifting, pulling or as an anchor point.
  • It can be loaded at any angle at and eliminates the use of spreader beams in various lifting operations.
  • With a low headroom anchor point, it can be used as a single or twin point lifting, giving positive grip and quick application combined with lightweight construction.

WARNING: Do Not Exceed Working Load Limits or use this equipment for lifting Flat Plate Sections (not to be used as a plate lifting clamp).

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